HiP has got it and he flaunts it for a good cause - the creation of a funky and sustinable world!

He loves 'funking up' the green message in order to win mass appeal. He is constantly flaunting his natural ‘X’ factor for the cause.

Video of HiP at Somers Yoga-Fest Nov'07

HiP‘s wardrobe is an eclectic mash-up of eco-chic fabrics, funky opp-shop and high tech portable renewable energy devices.

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Prior to gaining his green cred, HiP was diagnosed with a severe bout of 'Consumerism'. He has since travelled the globe searching for the latest ways to be green, enjoy the good life, and look hot!


HiP sniffing enviro paints at the Going Green Expo. .........
HiP showin his style.
HiP creates his own fashion statement from recycled garbage. .........
HiP has turned the suit inside out and sports a belt made from a disused car tail-light.

HiP ups the fashion stakes with 'cruelty-free' crocodile skin platform shoes!
Getting a feel for the latest water tank technology.

Signing eco-autographs for fans!
Informing the masses of the latest news..

HiP loves to spread the 'good green news'.
At one with nature!

HiP is warm, lovable and witty. He loves to share his stories and desperately wants others to ride the green wave with him. He takes himself very seriously whilst letting you in on the joke that he can’t be serious.
. . the twist is that he does know his stuff.


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