What people are saying about David


Guru Dudu was wonderful and engaging, a breath of fresh air! You really added joy to our day and a lightness that is so important in a conference that addresses many challenging topics. I most definitely recommend you for any conference and would love to work with you again.
- Dr Penny Caldicott, Convenor AIMA Bridging the Gap Conference



I've enjoyed working with David, he is an insightful facilitator who is able to quickly engage and energise a group with irreverent humour and play. His Happy Yoga sessions add a valuable dimension to our leadership programs and integrate leadership concepts in unexpected ways.
-Diana Renner, Social Leadership Australia


David has a knack of keeping the audience on it's toes and playing off the crowd with a big "yes"!


David is highly creative and a truly ‘Wild Card’ in the pack! . . .his brilliant ideas are constantly coming to the surface and he hides them all in a simple package. A creative genius. . .We can laugh at our own foibles and not feel offended.
- Eugenie Knox, Dance of Life Yoga


He always brings to a team a level of understanding of the issues as well unique lateral thinking on how to communicate messages.
- Brigitte House, Transition Decade Organiser.


David's strength is in improvising around each moment as it shows up.


David has an acute sensibility to see opportunities in our conference program for switches in mood - making possible more creative levels of interaction. Whether in character or as himself, he succeeds in adding enthusiasm and connection to events.
- Margo Field, Senior Manager, General Practice Registrars Australia

David not only has terrific work ethic and organisational skills but was instrumental in the success of our major event for the year, assisting us in making the goals of the event a possibility.
- Joe-Anthony Rotella, Chair, General Practice Student Network.


A refreshing change from those stand-up comedians who get laughs at other people's expense.