A clip of David performing as Dr Funk at the 2008 conference 'Breathing New Life into
General Practice' at Parliament House, Canberra. The singer/guitarist is Simon Oats.

Dr Funk is from the 'New Paradigm' where there is no Health Industry because everyone is well! Instead, there is a thriving Funk Industry run by former medicos such as Dr Funk who help people enhance their funk-factor. The Doc is keen to show you the new tricks of the trade.

GPRA Conference - Great Hall, Parliament House Canberra - March 2008 .........
GPRA Conference - Theatrette, Parliament House Canberra - 2008

Created for the 2008 'Breathing New Life into General Practice' Conference at Parliament House, Canberra. Delegates included General Practice Registrars, Students and Presidents of Industry bodies. Dr Funk contributed with various interventions throughout the 4 days:

  • A 10 minute opening address about the H.I.P. gene (Human Implant of Positivity)
  • Improvised moments of on-stage entertainment to fill time-gaps and stimulate the audience
  • Collaborative music development with singer/story-teller Simon Oats and conference delegates, creating songs that themed to the conference
  • A themed 'Jungle GP' dinner at the Botanical Gardens
  • MC'd a participatory talent show involving the delegates
  • Interactive 'Happy Yoga' sessions to help warm-up and re-invigorate the delegates
  • Mingling in character with delegates during tea breaks

It was an absolute pleasure to work with David. It is quite seldom that one has the opportunity to work with someone contributes beyond what is required of his position. David not only has terrific work ethic and organisational skills but was instrumental in the success of our major event for the year, assisting us in making the goals of the event a possibility."

"His ability to contribute on a number of levels, both on an interactive and organisational level, endeared him to all who attend our major conference. I would recommend him to any organisation and hope that your time with him is as enjoyable as ours has been.
- Joe-Anthony Rotella, Chair - General Practice Student Network.

With Senator Bob Brown and guitarist 'The Si'
Outside Parliament House mingling with the delegates.


David has an acute sensibility to see opportunities in our conference program for switches in mood - making possible more creative levels of interaction. Whether in character or as himself, he succeeds in adding enthusiasm and connection to events.
- Margo Field, Senior Manager, General Practice Registrars Australia