David loves to immerse himself in your conference, tailoring a comedy character (or more) that may appear throughout the event, offering fun that is integrated in with the topic of the day. There is usually a strong interactive and experiential component to his work.

As an experienced improviser, David's work is very responsive to what is going on at the conference. Typically he will do an opening comedy piece on stage, rove during breaks, and then summarise the day in the closing plenery or dinner. . . always bringing love and laughter to your event.

David's conference offerings

  Character performance
Character based ‘stand-up’ presentations themed to your event, with improvised responses to the material of the day. Characters can also rove in tea-breaks or at expos, etc. Meet the cast >

Hoax Presentations
Cheeky ‘Impostor’ keynote presentations that provide a clever laugh, and provoke deeper thinking. Typically a 'straight man' posing as a reputable researcher or government official - but things are slowly revealed to be not as they seem.

MCing your events, forums either in character or as a straight man.

Eliciting creative ideas from the group that can be later workshopped into strategies and action plans.

Comedy Networking Events
David's characters can facilitate fun speed networking events that include simple audience interactive moments that are themed to your event. [see 'Cosmic Speed Networking']

Warm-ups and fillers
Exercises, games and improvised moments to enliven our bodies and minds.

Live themed music
Collaborative music that is created live, themed to the conference content.


Comedy Lounge
1 hour comedy variety shows centred around themes of the conference. Including:
- stand-up comedy
- group audience participation
- ‘uncut’ interviews of conference
- using theatre-impro and 'game show' skits with audience members on stage
- Trivia Quiz: Battle of the Generations

- random improvised mayhem

Comedy Gala Dinner
Similar to the Comedy Lounge with less audience interactivity and more on stage entertainment that is themed to your event.

Other Special Events
Concept creation and MC-ing of special events with participatory activities - themed dinners, talent shows, fashion parades, mystery tours.

Collaborative art installations
Facilitating the creation of live art created by the delegates using multi-media: painting, sculpture, video, photography.

Embodied Branding
David can help you to develop a creative edge to your conference with an overriding creative theme that is integrated throughout the branding, programming and events. Stand out from the pack with something different, experiential and memorable!


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Check out Guru Dudu in Conference mode.


Injecting Life into the program . . .

Having worked in the corporate sector as a marketeer and facilitator, David has a good knack for quickly absorbing the concepts, language and nuances of particular groups. He creates customised characters and presentations that fit the industry and culture of your event.

Consider the group energy of a 'run-of-the-mill' day of powerpoint presentations . .

By comparison, David can help you create an inspired event that is infused with humour and integrated physical activities leaving the audience feeling more connected with the material and uplifted . .



A clip of David performing as Dr Funk at the 2008 conference 'Breathing New Life into General
Practice' at Parliament House, Canberra. The singer/guitarist is Simon Oats.


Check out the following examples of David's past Conference Entertainment work:

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Check out David's characters who can be used for:
Workplace events
Stand-up comedy
Special events – fashion parades, talent nights, trivia nights, fundraisers
Roving at festivals, expos
He also has a network of other performers to collaborate with as required.



David is highly creative and a truly ‘Wild Card’ in the pack! . . .his brilliant ideas are constantly coming to the surface and he hides them all in a simple package. A creative genius. . .We can laugh at our own foibles and not feel offended.
.................................................- Eugenie Knox, Dance of Life Yoga



A clip from the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival


"David not only has terrific work ethic and organisational skills but was instrumental in the success of our major event for the year, assisting us in making the goals of the event a possibility."
................. - Joe-Anthony Rotella, Chair, General Practice Student Network


Want to bring some fresh life to your next conference?

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