'T10 Travel' - Transition Decade Launch

Customised Comedy for Climate Change
Written and produced by David Naylor


Video produced by Bravo Charlie


The Event
Transition Decade Launch - Melbourne Town Hall, 14 Feb 2010

A gathering of 1,200 people concerned about climate change and seeking a global 'emergency' response. Hosted by an alliance of Environmental and Climate Advocacy groups. More info:

The Brief
To create and deliver an uplifting and inspiring element to the event which otherwise comprised two hours of prominent speakers talking to the audience.

The Creative Challenge
The brief posed two creative challenges:

  1. The audience takes the threat of climate change very seriously and would not want the issue unduly trivialised with humour.
  2. The format was very long: 2+ hours of sitting without a break, nor the chance to ask questions.

The Concept - T10 Travel
As the event was the launch of the journey into the “Transition Decade”, David created a concept based around the metaphor of 'Travel'. A mock Travel company ‘T10 Travel’ was set up comprising a crew of ex-flight attendants.



By making the characters and the parody larger than life, T10 Travel was able to gain credibility and wide appeal with the audience. A presence was created before, during and after the event, building a solid story that was weaved throughout.

"Welcome to the first leg of your journey into the Transition Decade.. all aboard if you want to join us... we’re here for the long haul!"

The T10 Travel philosophy:
Zero carbon emissions - thanks to our unique ‘Carbon Capture Breathing Masks’.
Passenger participation - you help us generate new ideas to be green and clean.
Emergency is an opportunity - there are no emergency exits!
Happiness and Joy - We’re pretty cheesy...check out our outfits!


David played the role of Chief Flight Attendant 'Doug' with two cabin crew: 'Skye Blue' and 'Astral Travel'. In addition three musicians played in the foyer before the event.

A unique 'T10 Travel’ logo and brand identity was created that referenced the branding of the main event while remaining separate to it. Elements included:
- Foyer backdrop
- PowerPoint background during on-stage performance
- Badges on costumes
- T10 Travel brochures in the foyer
- Audience handout material – interactive session and feedback form



The Elements
The concept was designed to create audience participation before during and after the main event:

Foyer – pre-event
A T10 Travel bureau was set up in the foyer. The band played ‘happy, escapist vacation music’ as the crew roved amongst the audience promoting T10 Travel, showing brochures of the Transition Decade (a sustainable future).

On Stage - Safety Demonstration
Early in the event, the crew ran a spoof of a safety demo on stage. . . "please fasten your sense of humour safely around your hips. Sense of humour must be worn at all times in the Transition Decade". .

In-flight announcement
In the absence of an interval, the audience were given the chance to stand up and stretch via an "in-flight announcement". This was delivered by David (as the Captain) with the Cabin Crew directing people from the stage.

Emergency Procedure
Towards the end of the event, T10 Travel performed an 'Emergency Procedure' that involved audience participation. Participants were asked to discuss ideas about how to avoid climate emergency with their neighbours. The Cabin Crew then demonstrated new 'Emergency Brace Positions' based on their ideas. . . all good fun!

Foyer – post-event
Flight crew in the foyer to thank people for flying T10 airways.

The Outcome
T he audience reaction to T10 Travel was overwhelmingly positive. Many commented that it gave the event a much needed light relief. Others commented that it had helped inspire them to seek fun and creative means to continue campaigning for faster response to Climate Change.

In employing Dave as our creative coordinator for the Transition Decade launch event, we couldn't have found someone more suitable to the job. We have had much positive feedback from those that attended and in particular for his contribution. He always brings to a team a level of understanding of the issues as well unique lateral thinking to how to communicate messages.

What impressed me the most he was able to deliver "T10 Travel" in such as way that it didn't just seem like entertainment to the crowd, rather, humour and having some fun along the way was seen as an important aspect of the transition strategy.

................- Brigitte House, Organising Team, T10

The Creative Process
The above concept was developed over 4 weeks involving 3 client meetings to fine-tune the material to suit the tone and pitch of the event. David co-creates with the client and other artists when required.


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