David is an inspired facilitator, strategist and creative provocateur who brings a fresh approach to engagement in corporate and community environments.

He combines his facilitation and comedic skills to produce fun and stimulating opportunities for people to engage with messages in a different way.

Equally comfortable with formal and informal audiences, he brings a fresh approach to the work of engaging people in creating a more sustainable future - always starting from people are at.

David draws on a diverse range of life experience from business, theatre and the creative arts. He is passionate about finding fun, accessible ways to get us out of our heads as a means to tap into our full creative potential.

As a facilitator, he creates an atmosphere of intellectual and emotional rigour and holds a tone of optimism and inspiration.

As a thinker he is interested in radical common sense that considers the whole system and connects with both head and heart.

As a comedian he is witty, quirky and absurdist, while maintaining a warm rapport with his audiences.

David’s career began in marketing Fast Moving Consumer Goods with large food organisations where he learnt the value of strategic communications, the power of branding and the limitations of the traditional big business model.

After an ‘early-life-crisis’, David started an enduring exploration with the 'body' via: theatre improvisation, Yoga, meditation, fitness, dance, Buddhism and the creative arts.

He has since worked mostly as a freelance facilitator, researcher and strategist. Over time he has incorporated theatre, play and humour into his work through the use of characters and facilitated workshops.

Since 2000 David has worked on and off with place-making consultancy 'Village Well' - assisting communities, Councils, developers and retailers to create vibrant and sustainable places. He has conducted various community consultations, township visioning sessions and mapping of sustainability strategies in Melbourne and Sydney.

He also runs an online event calendar, Wiseworld, promoting local Melbourne organisations aligned to sustainability, personal growth and positive social change.